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Through Dennis and his wonderfully uncomplicated and intuitive way of telling about art in general and individual works in particular, I have once again gained deeper access to the subject. Dennis and his performances always appear relaxed, authentic and honest without ulterior motives. Thank you for opening up a further access to the extensive cultural scene.

Bastian Stich
Diploma in Business Administration

Dennis is a valued partner of arts because of his expertise and his manner. Personal contact and market knowledge are particularly important to me. Through his competent advice and his specialist lectures I was able to expand my knowledge of art and the possibility of investing. With him I bought works of art that put a smile on my face every morning. I am already looking forward to the next purchases at Dennis.

Frederik Rau

As a customer-oriented partner in the art trade, Dennis always has my artistic preferences in mind. Always up to date, Dennis reacts quickly to changes in the art market and makes buying recommendations for the benefit of the customer. The result is visible – both on the wall and in the return.

Matthias E.
Business taxation

Delight yourself in art!

symbol of
prosperity and elegance


“Art is hip. Anyone who is at a dinner at the moment and cannot talk about art, has not been invited to Art Basel, is like not being intellectually from that time.” 

Prof. Dr. Roman Kräussl, professor of financial management, art & finance

strong store
of value


Art holds its value (Art and Finance Report 2019). Blue-chip art is tangible, mobile and tradable in any currency. It has a weak correlation with other financial assets, making it to a reasonable opportunity of risk diversification.

art as an


The return on art investments over different periods of time across all art price indices has a positive average annual growth rate (CAGR) (Source: Art & Finance Report 2019, Graphic: Artprice).

lighten the
black box

Banksy Picture
For many people art is a black box. We make it visible. We put our offer prices into the context of previously analysed market results and therefore we consistently follow a commercial strategy when selecting our offers for you.

Why should you buy fine art?

zhang daqian

Zhang Daqian – Autumn Mountains in Verdant Mist, 1968 (Source: Artprice)

purchased 2000

$ 0 k

sold 2017

$ 0 M

Larry Fink - CEO Blackrock
world's largest asset manager

the joy of ownership

If you buy art, the dividend is the opportunity to enjoy owning your piece of unique art by living with it hanging in your home or even in your office.

owning a piece of history

Art is Identity-forming and conserves contemporary history. Buying art enables you to be the owner of future (art)history and therefore to become a part of the history.

limitation of availability

The supply of best known of art will always be limited and tends to increase in value over time. At the same time, the art market is more robust and the experienced reduction of auction sales at 2008/09 is mainly due to a reduction of supply.

capital growth potential

The contemporary art segment of the Mei Moses Art Index shows that contemporary art has a compound average annual return of 10.85% per annum between 1966 and 2016.

Did you already know about the art market?

$ 0 T

est. total value

(Source: Deloitte)

0 %

post-war & contemporary sales growth

$ 0 B

market sales 2021

(Source: Art Basel & UBS)

0 %

avg. annual returns from 2000 - 2019

(Source: Artprice)

Dennis Preiter Profil

Dennis Preiter

Art Dealer | Artlover | Consultant | Artcollector & Investor

Hey, I’m Dennis. I make sure that people have a return on investment with art.

For many years, art means to me passion, culture and investment class. I build a bridge for my clients between the financial world on the one hand and the art world on the other. In this way, I combine the many financial advantages with the pure joy of owning a work of art that can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Collecting art is no longer a pursuit reserved for an aristocratic elite, but a passion that I make accessible to people from all backgrounds. Unlike other stores of value, art is capable of providing intense pleasure and aesthetic enrichment as well as the potential for significant return. After all, art is the oldest man-made material asset in the world, secures cultural values, preserves history and is even considered its own currency.

Let’s dive into the world of art and capital together!

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